Breeding Females

Breeding Females Used in the Breeding Program for Sparer German Shepherd Kennels

V Jade Vom Hutberg AD, BH, IPO1, KKL1, HD/ED A1 Normal


Jade-1 Kopie-2

Breed Survey:

Big, strong , very type and expressive. Very good Character , high , long withers . Firm back, good croup , balanced chest proportions . Very good bending of the pre and hind quarters . Correct front . Front and rear straight trend , very powerful , room-filling , ground cover programs with very good reach . TSB pronounced . V. Very strong , properly structured , full-bodied breeding bitch . VI . To improve forehand angulation , and the type .



V Winnie Vom Emkendorfer Park AD, BH, IPO1, KKL1, HD/ED A2 Fast Normal



Breed Survey:

Large, full-bodied, dry, firmly, very good height aspect ratio, very good top and bottom line, very good Type and expression, very good head with very good end approach. High, long Withers, firm back, good location and Length of croup, good Forehand angulation, good location and Length of the shoulder blade, very good Rear angulation with solid Hocks, balanced Chest proportions , straight front and Step sequence. Displays expansive courses with strong supply and very good reach. Safe nature , TSB pronounced.



V Honda Vom Hutberg AD, BH, IPO1, KKL1, HD/ED A1 Normal



Breed Survey:

Large, strong, type and expressive, good height aspect ratio, high withers, solid, straight back, croup in a good location, balanced chest proportions, very good angulation of the pre and rear spar and, correct front, front and rear stepping, very good , expansive courses with powerful supply and free precedence . TSB pronounced . V. Very good overall appearance . VI . To improve the character and building type .

V Paly Vom Emkendorfer Park AD, BH, IPO2, KKL1, HD A1 Normal/ED A2 Fast Normal


V 1 Paly


Breed Survey:

Large, strong, dry and solid dog with very good character, good height aspect ratio, very good expression, very good pigmentation, strong head, Dark eyes, high, long withers, firm back, very good length and situation of the croup,  very well angulated front and rear hand, balanced Chest proportions, straight front. Just Kicking it shows powerful courses at excellent majesty . Safe nature , TSB pronounced .












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