Our Philosophy

Growing up with German Shepherds and seeing what this breed is capable of doing, set a solid foundation for my passion about the breed. My relationship with the breed grew stronger as I grew up. But I really understood what it means to have a GSD when my dog saved my wife and 3 year old son from a vicious dog who was trying to bite them. From that moment on, I had a totally different view about the breed and I felt that I owe my dog for saving my family’s lives. I couldn’t think of a better way to pay my dog and the whole breed back than to start a top quality breeding program focusing on maintaining the GSD world standards and producing top notch dogs.

Planning to own a pet, doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice the quality of the dog for a lower price. Owning a GSD is more than just owning a pet. It is a commitment to a long relationship between the dog and the owner. Picking a top quality GSD even for the purpose of being a family companion is very important.

The most beautiful German Shepherd dog is nothing without the ability to work.  This is the most important characteristic of the breed, which is often overlooked.  The German Shepherd is a “working” dog. He must possess this desire with confidence, courageousness, the ability to adapt to any situation, and be clear in the head, prepared to protect and defend his territory, attack only when given a command by his owner, and at the same time be an obedient, pleasant family companion.

The German Shepherd dog is devoted to his family and home, has an excellent character for socialization with other animals, and a passion to interact with humans, especially with children. A true family member with robust health… A faithful companion and most often your only best friend. A Harmoniously balanced dog with nobility, ready to explore, ready to please, proud and self assured with un-matched loyalty. If your dog does not possess the qualities mentioned above, you have a lovely pet, not a “real” German Shepherd dog.

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